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How to Pay for Classes with Financial Aid

You may charge college costs (tuition, books, supplies, and certain fees) up to the amount you have been awarded in aid, provided that all financial aid paperwork has been received and processed by the Financial Aid Office. If you do not have all paperwork completed at the time of registration, you will need to make other arrangements for payment and may be required to pay in full.

Please be aware that your financial aid is always subject to change without prior notice if changes occur in your enrollment status, class attendance, personal circumstances, or in federal or state guidelines.

You are responsible for all college bills not covered by your financial aid. All charges that you incur during a semester that are not covered by financial aid must be paid by you before you will be able to register again.

If you have questions of any kind relating to paying your college costs with your financial aid, please telephone or email our office at for a prompt response.

Financial Aid and Withdrawls

If you withdraw or cease attendance, you may have charges and financial aid adjusted according to the time and circumstances that you cease enrollment. You should refer to the refund schedules which are published in the current class schedule.

If you fail to attend class without officially withdrawing, it may void your financial aid, leaving you responsible for all charges. You must advise the Student Services Office in writing in order to officially withdraw.

NOTE: No loan check can be released, nor work-study authorized, nor any additional charge or expense recognized for financial aid if it is determined that a student has, in fact, ceased attendance.

Federal Return of Funds/Repayment Policy (Federal Regulation 668.22)

Under changes made by the Higher Education Act of 1998, this policy focuses on the amount of Title IV program funds to be returned when a student withdraws from all classes and does not complete the semester. This Return of Funds policy applies only to students receiving Title IV aid (federal Pell Grants, federal SEOG, and federal subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans).

During the first 60% of the enrollment period, a student “earns” Title IV funds in direct proportion to the length of time he or she remains enrolled. Students who withdraw totally from the college without completing 60% of the enrollment period will be required to repay a portion of the aid received within 45 days.

For example, a student who withdraws after completing 10% of the enrollment period may need to repay up to 90% of the federal funds that were awarded to them. Student should contact the Financial Aid department prior to the withdrawal.

See the Refunds for Class Registration Policy (POL 6.06A) for more information.