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POL 1.005 Use of Outside Professional Services

Kirtland Community College employs professional service providers including attorneys, negotiators, arbitrators, consultants, architects, auditors, grant writers, software programmers, professional development speakers, performers, and others as necessary and appropriate and to accomplish the mission of the college. Kirtland looks to the development of professional relationships with service providers that may not be obtained through the bidding process or the acceptance of low bid.  It is the discretion of the administration or board to bid or interview people to supply these services. Local providers of professional services will be considered but are not guaranteed contractual work.

The Board of Trustees will seek the services of auditors, internal and external, to monitor the financial performance of the college and to provide assurances that standard accounting practices are being followed by the administration and that board policies regarding business matters are being followed.  On a regular basis, the board will evaluate the work of the auditing firm and consider changing auditing firms to seek different evaluations.  The budget for board operations will reflect the cost of auditing services.

The board shall employ or retain consultants and other professional personnel appropriate to the efficient operation of the college.  Board members seeking to employ professional services for board operations shall make their requests known to the Board Chair for the inclusion on a board agenda and approved by majority vote.

The President of the college is authorized to seek and employ professional services as necessary to manage the college operations.

August 11, 1983
Amended December 12, 2013