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POL 1.010 Changing Policies of Kirtland Community College

All Board policies will remain in effect until changed by the board of trustees at official board meetings. The adoption of new policies or the changing of existing policies is solely the responsibility of the board.

When action must be taken and the board has provided no guidelines for administrative action, the President has the power to act, with such decisions are subject to review by action of the Board. It is the duty of the President to inform the board promptly of such actions and the need for policy.

New policies and policy revisions shall not be adopted until a subsequent board meeting and as a second reading. Thus, time shall be given to permit further study of a policy, to provide the President time to make suggested changes in a proposed policy, and to give opportunity to interested parties to prepare comments. However, temporary approval may be granted by the board to permit resolution of emergency conditions or special events which will take place before formal action can be taken.

The board shall conduct or direct employees to review its policies.

Steps for adoption of a new policy include:

  1. The need for a change of policy may be initiated by one of the board members, the President, a staff member of the college, or the general public.
  2. The administration should develop a draft of the new or revised policy for board review.
  3. The board will then review the draft as a first reading and make revisions where it sees fit.
  4. The policy is presented at a second meeting of the board, and if the board accepts the policy, formal adoption will take place.
  5. The administration will update the existing policy manual found on the college web page which is open for public view.


August 11, 1983
Revised March 9, 2000
Amended December 12, 2013