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POL 2.005 Payment for Purchases

All invoices shall be processed by the accounting office under the direction of the director of accounting.

Revised May 16, 1996


  1. Processing invoices:
    1. Payments will be made from vendor invoices. All invoices are required to bear a unique invoice number.
    2. All invoices will be checked for accuracy as soon as possible. If errors are found, the invoice will be returned to the vendor for correction.
    3. If no errors are found, the invoice will be initialed by the person who verified it.
    4. Invoices will be compared and attached to the corresponding purchase order and receiving report. Any discrepancies shall be addressed with appropriate college personnel. Discrepancies greater than five percent between the invoice amount and the purchase order amount shall be referred to the chief financial officer for approval.
  2. Payment for invoices:
    1. Once invoices have been processed for payment, they shall be marked as such.
    2. A check to the vendor will be drawn against the appropriate account. The check number and date shall be posted on the accounting office copy of the invoice.