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POL 2.020 Reimbursement of Use of Private Automobiles

When employees use their private vehicles to travel on college business, the college will reimburse employees for mileage at a rate per mile determined non taxable by the Internal Revenue Service. The reimbursement rate shall be updated and posted by the business office on January 1 of each year.

The actual mileage will be computed from the employee’s work station, or from the employee’s home, whichever is less. In case of dispute over distances, official highway mileage will be used.

May 11, 1989

Revised March 17, 2005


  1. Employees shall record actual miles traveled. Recordable mileage will be the lesser of:
    1. the employee’s home to the off campus location; or
    2. the college to the off campus location.
  2. Mileage traveled along with the appropriate budget number should be recorded on an expense report form, submitted to the appropriate budget officer for authorization, and sent to the business office. (See POL 2.035 for information regarding submission of expense reports).

May 11, 1989