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POL 2.025 College Owned Vehicles

All college vehicles shall be used solely for college business and travel purposes. The physical plant and criminal justice departments shall have sole use of vehicles assigned to their divisions; vehicles assigned to the college fleet shall be available for all employees of the college. The business office shall have the responsibility of scheduling use of the college fleet vehicles.

An approved list of authorized drivers will be established and maintained by the business office and vehicles will be issued only to those individuals whose names are on the authorized list.

The physical plant department shall be responsible to make arrangements for maintenance and repair of vehicles. Individuals using college fleet vehicles are required to complete a vehicle trip log and remove all trash and personal items from the vehicles before returning them to the college.

Revised March, 1993

Revised June 8, 2006


  1. All fleet vehicles will be operated under the following general conditions:
    1. College vehicles are for the use of college employees. Non-employees may occasionally be authorized to drive college vehicles in extenuating circumstances under the supervision of an employee.
    2. A list of college personnel authorized to use college vehicles will be maintained in the business office. This list will be established in the following manner:Personnel requesting authorization to drive college vehicles must submit a request in writing that includes their driver’s license number and date of birth. Upon receipt of this request, the business office will submit the information to the Michigan Department of State Commercial Look-up Unit to ascertain information regarding the individual’s driving record. Individuals meeting any oneof the following criteria will not receive authorization to drive college vehicles:
      1. Do not possess a current driver’s license.
      2. Have lost driving privilege through suspension as defined by Michigan Department of State driver’s license point system within the last 2 years.
      3. Conviction of driving while license was suspended or revoked within the last 4 years.
      4. Conviction of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (this includes driving while ability impaired) within the last 4 years.
      5. Two or more convictions of reckless driving within the last 4 years.
      6. Accumulated six or more points on the driving record within the last 2 years.
      7. Conviction of civil infraction determination of 3 or more moving violations within the last 2 years.
      8. A record of 2 or more traffic accidents each resulting in a moving violation conviction or civil infraction determination within the last 2 years.

      The authorized driver list will be reviewed annually.

    3. College vehicles shall be requested through the business office on a vehicle request form. Authorization from an appropriate college administrator is required.
  2. Continued use of college vehicles depends on the employee’s adherence to the following conditions:
    1. Maintains name on authorized driver’s list.
    2. Signs out vehicle prior to receiving the key and gasoline credit card. The credit card will be used only for purchases of gasoline, oil or other fluids or minor vehicle repairs.
    3. Able to present a valid operator’s license, if requested.
    4. Transports employees, official guests of the college, and other persons as authorized.
    5. Leaves vehicle’s gasoline tank at least one half full. Parks in the assigned space, and locks vehicle upon return to campus; keys, a completed trip log, credit card and credit card receipts must be returned when the vehicle is returned. All trash and personal items must be removed from the vehicle upon return to the college.
    6. All traffic violations will be paid by the employee.
    7. Immediate report of loss of credit cards must be made to the business office.
    8. Accidents must be reported to local law enforcement agencies immediately, and within 48 hours a written report issued to the business office using the approved accident report form.
    9. The employee’s use of the college vehicle must be reasonably within the intended limitations for business and travel, as determined by the college administration.
    10. The employee’s use of the college vehicle must be within the intended use as identified on the vehicle request form.
  3. Whenever possible and feasible, college vehicles are to be parked at the college in their assigned spaces for evenings and weekends. Exceptions must be cleared with the business office.
  4. The President may assign a fleet car to a particular function (such as business, instruction, etc.) if, in his/her opinion, the situation warrants it. In such instances, additional rules and regulations for the use of that vehicle will be stipulated by the President.