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POL 2.065 College Bookstore

The college bookstore will be established as a business auxiliary enterprise, operating as nearly as possible without profit. It shall be the established policy of the bookstore to sell books and merchandise for the use of students and staff at the lowest price consistent with good business practice. All costs for supplies, equipment, services, and wages will be paid out of the gross sales when possible. The purchase and resale of used textbooks shall be a part of the bookstore operation.

The bookstore manager shall coordinate all money handling with the accounting office and will report directly to the chief financial officer. Discounts may be offered to employees.

When the program is in deficit or in danger of deficit, the chief financial officer shall, in cooperation with the bookstore manager, prepare and present to the college President recommendations for elimination of said deficit. The President shall direct such action be taken as deemed necessary and report said action to the board of trustees.

August 11, 1983