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POL 2.080 Mail Services

The college shall operate a mail service in connection with the U.S. Postal Service and the United Parcel Service.

Each department is responsible for the delivery of outgoing mail and pick-up of incoming mail at the central mail room. All outgoing mail shall be delivered to the central mail room allowing mail room personnel ample time to prepare it for that day’s pickup by the U.S. postal service. Mail room personnel will notify each department when all incoming mail is sorted and ready for pick-up.

Pick-up and delivery of UPS packages is coordinated by utility personnel.

Due to the large volume of mail and packages delivered daily to the college, use of the college address for the delivery of personal letters and packages shall only occur in extenuating circumstances. Personal mail and UPS may not be charged to the college and no personal mail is to be posted on the college postage machine.

All mailings qualifying for bulk status must be mailed as a bulk mailing. Any mailings of 200 pieces or more of identical material (with the exception that it can be personalized) qualify for bulk mail status. Bulk mail preparation instructions are available in the central mail room. Any exception to a qualified bulk mailing being sent in any other manner must be authorized by a college administrator.

August 11, 1983

Rev. August 12, 1999

Rev. October 20, 2005