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POL 2.150 Gift Solicitation Fundraising Policy

It is the goal of Kirtland is to ensure that all gift solicitations in the name of the college or for any administrative units or departments in the College are made in a transparent, ethical and legal manner while ensuring that potential donors and funders are respected and appropriately cultivated.  All proposed external gift solicitations shall be coordinated through the Kirtland Foundation and approved by the President.

It shall be the responsibility of the Kirtland Foundation to serve as the central coordinating department for all fundraising programs and solicitation of funds from private individuals, foundations, businesses, corporations and organizations to benefit Kirtland.

The purpose of coordinating all private fundraising activities through one office is as follows:

  • To provide continuity in building understanding and support for College-wide funding needs.
  • To avoid conflict and duplication of effort in the fund raising contact program.
  • To maximize the contribution from each potential donor and to make certain each donor is appropriately thanked and stewarded.

Individuals, groups, departments and units desiring to solicit a gift, contribution or in-kind donation from an external individual, organization, business, foundation, public or private grant making entity or other potential funders on behalf of or in the name of the College shall follow gift solicitation procedures.

This policy includes joint fundraising opportunities or solicitation in partnership with the Kirtland Foundation or other external nonprofit organizations.   Individuals, groups, departments and units may consider entering into joint fund raising ventures with external organizations only if the following pre-conditions are met:

  • The potential partner is a 501 (c)3 charity with a distinctly different mission than the Kirtland Foundation or Kirtland.
  • The potential partner has a distinct and separate group of historical donors.
  • The potential partner has a positive reputation in the Kirtland communities.

If all three conditions are met, the final determination on whether the college will enter into a joint fundraiser will be made by the President of the college upon recommendation of the Foundation.

Individuals, groups, department or administrative units seeking to solicit any gifts, contributions or donations (including in-kind donations) in the name of Kirtland shall submit a Fund Raising Request Form (located on Forms Central) to the Kirtland Foundation.  The President of the college shall make the final determination of approval.

All gifts solicited and accepted in the name of Kirtland / Kirtland Foundation shall follow gift acceptance policies and procedures.

August 11, 1983
Revised March 17, 2005
Revised August 15, 2013