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POL 2.215 Life Threating Situations

It shall be the policy of Kirtland Community College to ensure that all life threatening situations are addressed promptly and in a manner that minimizes injury and loss.

April 21, 1994


  1. In a life threatening situation, college personnel should respond immediately and call 911 to request appropriate services.
  2. Upon notification of a life threatening situation involving a student, staff member, or visitor, the first available administrator will assume responsibility throughout the duration of the crisis.
  3. At the location of the life threatening situation, the administrator in charge shall evaluate the situation, observe the condition of any victim(s), and provide first aid where appropriate. Every effort should be made to avoid disturbing evidence at the location of the life threatening situation.
  4. When the life threatening situation is an attempted suicide, it shall be the responsibility of the administrator in charge to keep someone with the attempter at all times.
    1. Upon arrival of the responding law enforcement agency, the responsibility for the attempter’s care and notification of family will be relinquished to that agency.
    2. The administrator in charge, in consultation with the responding law enforcement agency and the attempter may authorize a college staff member to accompany the attempter to the hospital in an appropriate vehicle.
  5. It shall be the responsibility of the administrator in charge to file an incident report form with the business office within 24 hours of the incident.