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POL 2.275 Freedom of Information Act Requests

Kirtland Community College is a “Public Body” under the provisions of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, which sets requirements for the disclosure of public records.  In general, all records except those specifically cited in the Act as exceptions are covered.  A reasonable fee may be charged for the duplication, mailing, and labor costs of providing the requested records.

Approved October 15, 2009


The president of the college shall designate a position responsible for responding to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.  A FOIA request can be submitted to any office at the college and that office is responsible for promptly forwarding the request to the business office, which shall promptly inform the designated officer.  However, persons are encouraged to submit their requests directly to the business office to avoid inadvertent delays.  The president shall be kept informed by the designated officer of any requests with potential legal, personnel, or public relations implications or other matters of significant institutional importance.

A request must be in writing (which includes e-mail and fax).  The college has five business days in which to respond, although the response period can be extended by the FOIA officer up to an additional 10 business days, providing the officer specifies the reasons for the extension and the date by which the college will grant or deny the FOIA request.  Day 1 of the response period is considered to be the next business day following receipt of the written request by any office of the college.

The FOIA officer can either grant a request; deny it in full or in part, citing one or more exemptions specified in the FOIA; or certify that the requested document(s) does not exist.  If a request is denied in full or part, a Notice of Right to Seek Appeal or Judicial Review shall be attached to the response.

A fee for clerical labor, copy and mailing expenses shall generally be charged when the costs exceed $20.  The accounts receivable clerk will be informed of the fee and to whom charged.