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POL 3.015 Community Use of College Facilities


  1. General community groups shall be permitted and encouraged to use the college facilities for worthwhile purposes when such use will not interfere with the college program. All arrangements shall be subject to the provisions which follow.
  2. Granting of approval
    The director of student services is authorized to schedule, with consent of the appropriate administrator(s), the use of college facilities by non-educational organizations. He/she may refer special cases to the President for approval. The staff member requesting or approving facilities is responsible for following the fee schedule.

    1. For private gain
      The use of the college buildings and other facilities by any organization operated for private gain, or any purpose involving private gain, shall be permitted only when:

      1. such use is sponsored by some other organization which is not operated for private gain; or
      2. such use will not benefit principally the organization which is operated for private gain; or
      3. a worthy educational, civic, or charitable purpose will be served; or
      4. a substantial group in the community will be benefited.
    2. Outside the buildings
      College equipment may be loaned to responsible community groups or individuals for a worthy educational, civic, or charitable purpose when:

      1. the group borrowing the equipment agrees to accept responsibility (i.e. completing equipment loan forms in accordance with administrative procedures) for repairing or replacing any equipment damaged or lost while in its possession; and
      2. the equipment is not both unusually expensive and also subject to easy damage; and
      3. the equipment is in good condition; and
      4. the group will provide a competent operator for any machines loaned; and
      5. the equipment is not required for instructional or other college purpose during the period of the loan
      6. individual’s requests may be honored and considered on an individual basis subject to the fees schedule.

August 11, 1983


Fixed responsibilities for use of college facilities:

  1. Director of student services
    1. The director of student services, in cooperation with the appropriate administrators, shall make arrangements for use of college facilities under his/her jurisdiction
    2. Shall place necessary information on a calendar of events and distribute to total staff
    3. Shall evaluate the use of facility
    4. Shall sign necessary time sheets
  2. Dean of career & technical studies
    1. Shall cooperate with the director of student services in making arrangements for the use of all instructional rooms
    2. Shall evaluate the use of instructional facilities
  3. Director of institutional services
    1. Shall direct the use of all maintenance/custodial/food service personnel, including the director of physical plant
    2. Shall notify the appropriate administrator on work conflicts or equipment failure
    3. Shall evaluate the use of facilities
  4. Director of physical plant (after receiving a facility use request) Shall provide necessary support for the use of all facilities including but not limited to: Maintenance personnel
    1. stage set-up
    2. lighting
    3. P.A. set-up
    4. clean up
    5. securing the building and equipment
  5. Instructional technology department (after receiving a facility use request)
    1. Shall be responsible for lighting
    2. Shall be responsible for P.A. set-up
    3. Securing the buildings and equipment, in conjunction with maintenance/custodial personnel

Rules and regulations

  1. No reservation will be made until the rental agreement is signed (two copies) by authorized representatives of both the rental group and the college officials. A memo shall be sent by request receiver to all parties that may be involved in preparation of the facilities for use. Work orders will be routed in a timely manner to the physical plant department in those cases involving movement of equipment, etc.
  2. Groups wishing to use any facilities are required to make reservations not less than 48 hours in advance. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or rental fees will be in effect.
  3. All facilities used by the applicant will be examined carefully after use; and the applicant held responsible for restitution promptly for any loss or damage occurring during applicant’s use of said room or rooms.
  4. Groups using the facilities will confine their activities to the rooms or areas assigned them at the time of original reservation. Change in areas or use of additional space must be arranged through the appropriate administrator.
  5. Areas are assigned to only the group making the reservation. Doubling up or the inviting of other groups to use the area simultaneously will require prior approval from the appropriate administrator, and payment of additional fees, if any.
  6. A college employee is required to be on duty at all times while premises are in use.
  7. All groups shall be accompanied by a supervisor, whose responsibilities will include discipline, proper use of the premises, vacating assigned areas promptly at arranged time. Furniture, equipment, chalkboards, etc. must be left in readiness for regular classes, unless previous arrangements have been made for custodial help.
  8. In the event that a supervisor fails to report for duty at the scheduled time for opening, the college employee may consider the activity cancelled and proceed to close the building.
  9. The use of alcohol and/or other drugs, or disorderly conduct on college properties is prohibited and shall result in immediate cancellation of the activity.
  10. Smoking shall be limited to such sections of the building as designated by college authorities.
  11. Putting up decorations or scenery or moving pianos or other furniture is prohibited unless special permission is granted by the appropriate administrator.
  12. Under no circumstances shall scenery or other property of the renter be stored in the college buildings or on college premises after termination of rental agreement, unless so specified in the agreement.
  13. All items to be sold, given, exhibited or displayed shall receive prior permission from the appropriate administrator.
  14. All electrical equipment and arrangements shall be in charge and control of the maintenance personnel through proper facilities rental contracts.
  15. When use of college premises extends beyond reserved time, the prevailing fee may be in effect for each hour or fractions thereof.
  16. Premises are rented with the understanding that “tipping” of custodians or other college personnel is not permitted.
  17. The right to refuse and to revoke a request for facility rental contract at any time is reserved by the college administration.
  18. Checks shall be made payable to Kirtland Community College, and turned in to the accounting office with a copy of the rental agreement prior to scheduled activities date.
  19. Spectators are not permitted at rehearsals or practice sessions.
  20. The college may not be used for teaching or promoting any theory or doctrine of a subversive nature, or which is intended to undermine or overthrow the government of the United States. This restriction does not prohibit the discussions of controversial subjects in a public forum.
  21. Special regulations for political parties:
    1. Programs for political parties in the following categories are considered appropriate:
      1. public appearances of candidates for public office
      2. national, state, county and service area-wide committee meetings
      3. conferences, educational in type, of a national, state, county, or service area-wide nature.
    2. Established political parties will be allowed to use the facilities. Those on the ballot in the district or service area at the last national election are recognized and accepted for placement on the current ballot.
    3. A fee will be charged if a political activity is fund raising in nature.
    4. The political party involved should not advocate the over-throw of the government of the United States.
    5. The political party involved should not advocate discrimination on the basis of sex, race, creed, national origin, or other discriminatory factors.
    6. The use of Kirtland Community College facilities is dependent upon availability as determined by the appropriate college administrator.