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POL 4.045 Library

The library has been designed as an integral part of the college and the community which it serves. The library of Kirtland Community College is dedicated to providing students, faculty, staff, and citizens of the service area with access to accurate and comprehensive information. Every effort is made to provide access to materials that continually support the curriculum needs of the college. To ensure that access, the Library provides instruction in information literacy through a variety of formats.

Kirtland Community College believes that all of the communities served by Kirtland require access to the accurate and comprehensive information that an academic library can provide to aid them in life long decision making and to enhance the lives and culture of that community. Therefore the library accepts the added responsibility of working with the public and school libraries of the service area to provide in-depth resources not ordinarily found in rural areas.

Approved October 13, 1994

Revised September 1, 2005