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POL 4.050 Library Materials


Circulation privileges are available to all Kirtland students and staff, and to the community at large under the following conditions:

  1. A registration card is filled out and kept on file at the library.
  2. Minors have the permission of a parent or guardian.
  3. Those using the library have returned materials when asked and/or paid replacement costs for materials damaged or lost.
  • Books, books on tape, and CDs will circulate to all of the greater Kirtland community.
  • Videos and DVDs will only circulate to classroom instructors, unless permission is received from the library director.
  • Reserve materials are only available to students and faculty.
  • Periodicals, archives, and reference books do not circulate.
  • Interlibrary loan privileges are available to the greater Kirtland community, with the restriction that those who keep such materials past the due date will be asked to pay any fines or charges resulting to Kirtland Community College library or a $5.00 fine. When searching for lenders, the college staff will strive to find reciprocal lenders, but if none are available, borrowers will be asked if they are willing to pay lending fees for non-reciprocal lenders. They only will be charged the fee, no other charges will ensue.


All materials photocopied in the library must comply with copyright law.


Use of proprietary online resources subscribed to or purchased by the college will be restricted to those parts of the audience indicated by the license with the providers.


The computer lab in the library is primarily for academic use. Priority is given to students with assignments. Students without assignments and members of the public may be asked to give up a computer if students with assignments are in need. All users of the computer lab must comply with copyright law. Because college computers are unfiltered, minors must have permission of a parent or guardian to use the computer lab.

Laptop computers are for the use of students only and are to be used in the library.

August 11, 1983

Revised September 1, 2005