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POL 4.055 Textbook Selection

The responsibility for textbook selection rests with the college faculty who shall make recommendations for adoption to the dean of instruction. The final decision on selection rests with the instructional deans.

August 11, 1983


An effective and functional system of textbook selection is essential to the institution. The following procedure will be followed when adopting new textbooks:

  1. The instructor will have primary responsibility for textbook selection in his/her subject area.
    1. If there are two or more instructors teaching the same course, they will attempt to reach consensus on a standard text or texts to be used in different sections of the same course.
    2. Every effort should be made to select a text which will be used for at least three years.
    3. Supporting reasons in writing must be presented to the dean of instruction for approval if a text is to be changed before the suggested three year period.
    4. Every attempt should be made to alert the bookstore so that stocks of books may be reduced during the last semester of use.
  2. The bookstore manager will work with the instructional deans in determining the dates for book orders and book returns.
    1. Forms for book orders and returns will be made available for all instructors through the dean of instruction’s office.
    2. Receipt of books can be promised only if specified deadline dates are met in submitting orders and return information. Instructors are expected to submit orders for the fall semester by May 15, spring semester by November 15, and summer session by April 15.
    3. All book orders will indicate expected enrollment of all sections using the text. The bookstore will deduct books in stock to arrive at the number of books to order.