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POL 4.060 Receipting Funds in Cosmetology

  1. One ticket for each customer or money transaction will be filled in.
  2. Kirtland Community College cosmetology department will be indicated on the top part of each ticket. Person receiving money shall sign each ticket. Indicate exact amount of money due on each ticket.
  3. Tickets will be prepared in triplicate. The original will be given to the customer, the second copy will be for accounting records, the third copy shall be stored in the bottom part of the register and turned in to the accounting office at the end of each day, along with the money.
  4. If a ticket is ruined, the pink copy is not to be destroyed. It shall be voided and turned in to the accounting office at the end of the day with the other tickets. The numerical sequence must be maintained for auditing purposes.
  5. The cosmetology department will receive a receipt from the accounting office for money turned in each day.
  6. Register forms will be located in the cosmetology office. The machine should be loaded in numerical sequence.

August 11, 1983