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POL 4.065 Repair and Service of Privately Owned Vehicles in the Automotive Laboratory

The coordinator of the campus automotive lab may utilize privately owned vehicles for training purposes under the following conditions:

  1. There is a definite training application and the service or repair is related to a current lesson assignment.
  2. There is a reasonable and equitable system of eligibility and selection of privately owned vehicles for repair or service.
  3. There are supervised inspections made of the vehicle that would describe the conditions upon acceptance by the automotive lab for repairs and/or service and upon completion and acceptance by the owner. However, in return for the privilege of having the vehicle worked on by the automotive lab, the customer shall assume all risks for work performed, loss, or damage on a vehicle.

There shall be an approved system of accounting and payment for the cost of parts and supplies and overhead.

August 11, 1983


The following automotive shop service and repair agreement must be read and signed by the customer:


  1. Before service work is started, the customer will read and sign this agreement.
  2. All repairs and service work must meet with current instructional units that students are working on.
  3. Repair and service work will be by appointment. Appointments will be made through the instructors only.
  4. Extreme care will be taken to avoid accidental damage and each job will be inspected before delivery to the customer. However, the college assumes no responsibility on the work performed or accidental damage done to any vehicle, due to the fact that public funds cannot be used for repairs to private vehicles.
  5. All work will be under the coordinator’s supervision. No one other than the students or the coordinator will work on the vehicles.
  6. The coordinator and/or instructors will make all road tests when necessary.
  7. No promise can be made as to when a vehicle’s repairs will be completed.
  8. All repair orders will be paid in full at the time of delivery.
  9. Cars not being worked on will be parked and locked in the parking lot. The college will not be held responsible for vandalism, theft, fire, water or wind damage.
  10. It will be the owner’s responsibility to remove all valuable articles from their vehicle. The college will not be responsible for lost or stolen goods.
  11. It will be the owner’s responsibility to protect the cooling system against freezing.
  12. It will be the owner’s responsibility to procure all parts and supplies necessary for the job other than incidental nuts, bolts, and cotter pins.
  13. Before repairs or services are performed, the customer will make a cash service fee payment of $1.50 for minor repair or service, or $7.50 for major repair, in the accounting office to cover costs of insurance, bookkeeping, and other incidental expenses such as nuts, bolts, cotter pins, etc.
  14. Vehicle will be accepted for service only when the following are completed:
    1. Service and repair agreement completed.
    2. Parts and supplies are on hand.
    3. Service fee paid at the accounting office and receipt in automotive lab.
  15. Vehicles must be picked up by owner within five (5) days of notice of completion or be towed away at the owners expense.