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POL 4.080 Evaluation of Probationary Faculty

Probationary faculty at Kirtland Community College shall be evaluated based upon the expectations and responsibilities of a full-time faculty as defined in the master agreement.


The evaluation will be completed by the appropriate instructional dean and/or their designee. During the probationary period, a minimum of one classroom/lab visit shall be completed during the first semester. A total of two classroom/lab visits shall be completed prior to the end of the first academic year.

  1. Written feedback shall be shared with the faculty utilizing the visitation report form.
  2. Faculty shall sign the report form following its review and be provided with the opportunity to add written comments.
  3. One copy of the report shall be retained by the faculty; the other copy shall be filed in the business office.

At the completion of the first academic year, the instructional dean shall submit one of the following recommendations to the President:

  1. continued employment without probation
  2. continued employment with probation
  3. non-renewal of contract

Upon acceptance by the President, any faculty recommended for continued employment with probation shall undergo a repeat of the procedure for evaluating probationary faculty during the next academic year.