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POL 4.090 Field Trips

Field trips are allowed as a way to enhance learning opportunities for our students. Only students currently enrolled in a Kirtland class, and current college employees, may participate in a Kirtland sponsored field trip. The college employee accompanying the field trip will be responsible for making sure the college’s field trip procedures are followed.

Adopted November 16, 2006


  1. All participating students must be accompanied by a faculty, staff person, or administrator who will be accountable for the activities of the field trip.
  2. The college employee responsible for organizing the field trip must complete a field trip request form and obtain appropriate prior approval for the field trip. Contact information for emergencies during the trip must be included.
  3. All participating employees incurring authorized college expenditures must provide complete financial accounting as required by POL 2.035 Travel Reimbursement.
  4. No drugs, other than lawfully prescribed medications, nor alcoholic, or illegal substances will be allowed during the field trip.  Students will be informed of this policy before the trip.
  5. Eligible participating students and staff may use college vehicles as outlined in POL 2.025 College Owned Vehicles.
  6. All participants assume responsibility for their own safety during college sponsored field trips.  Participating college employees will apprise students of reasonably foreseeable risks.
  7. Known violations of these requirements must be reported by the responsible college employee, failure to do so could be grounds for disciplinary action.
  8. Kirtland’s Student Code of Conduct remains in effect at all times during a field trip.