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POL 5.005 Employee Code of Conduct

Kirtland Community College expects that its employees will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the best standards of their respective professions, college policies, and the expectations of its community and clientele. Employees must, at all times, comply with all applicable laws and regulations.  Employees uncertain about the application or interpretation of any legal or policy requirements shall obtain appropriate professional advice and counsel.  To accomplish these expectations, employees will:

  • Devote their full professional services and their individual skills to the service of the college and discharge their duties as to reflect credit upon and promote the interest of the college.
  • Comply with all applicable laws, practices, and policies of the institution.
  • Refrain from using their position, as an employee, for the purpose of advancing their personal interests or that of any other party.
  • Not assign an immediate family member to a direct reporting relationship with another immediate family member, or an individual with whom there is a close personal relationship.
  • Aoid any actual conflict of interest or appearance thereof with clients, vendors, or other parties connected to or involved with the college.
  • Be reminded that any outside employment must not interfere with the performance of the employee’s duties and responsibilities to Kirtland.
  • Not allow leadership roles in outside religious, charitable, educational, and civic activities to interfere with the performance of their duties and responsibilities to Kirtland, nor that participation result in coercion of other employees to participate or contribute.
  • State clearly and unequivocally when they are expressing their personal viewpoint and not an official position of the college when communicating publicly on matters which may involve the college, unless they have authorization by the president or his/her designee to state a college position.
  • Not accept gifts, entertainment, personal favors, or preferential treatment that could influence, or reasonably appear to influence, decisions in favor of any person or organization seeking business with or the services of the college.
  • Not use college property, equipment or supplies for personal business, religious, or political purposes except as permitted by college procedure, nor for uses in violation of state and federal law.
  • Promptly disclose to a supervisor any existing or potential legal or ethical conflicts or the objective appearance thereof.
  • Not coerce, intimidate, discriminate, or retaliate against any person filing a complaint and/or assisting in the investigation of a complaint.
  • Ensure neither favoritism toward nor discrimination against any individual based upon family or personal relationship.
  • Ensure a fair search to fill new positions and select search committee members based on objectivity.  Employees are expected to report close relationships that may impact their ability to serve on search committees.
  • Notify their immediate supervisor when a family member or individual with whom there is a close personal relationship becomes a student within the employee’s classroom or area of responsibility, and request collaboration in the evaluation/processing of that person.

Kirtland Community College will not condone the activities of employees who, for whatever purpose or goal, knowingly and willfully violate the intentions of this policy. Failure by an employee to meet required standards will result in counseling by the supervisor or other staff as may be appropriate and flagrant or repeated failure will result in discipline. Employees uncertain about the application or interpretation of any legal or policy requirements shall refer the matter to their supervisor or other appropriate staff, who will, if necessary, obtain expert professional advice and counsel.

August 11, 1983

Revised March 16, 2006

Revised May 31, 2012