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POL 5.050 Performance Appraisals

The performance of each employee is important to the college’s success. Performance appraisals:

  1. Provide documentation of individual employee job performances to be used by each supervisor regarding employee development, promotions, discipline and wage and salary information.
  2. Provide for a joint discussion between supervisor and employee on individual job performance.
  3. Establish a base for individual training and development.

A full performance of each employee shall be completed at least once every three years as scheduled by the business office. A standard format, as recommended by the personnel committee and approved by the administration, shall be used for the triennial classified employee appraisals. Interim performance appraisals shall be completed on a quarterly basis, but the supervisor may elect to complete a full performance appraisal at any time. An employee may request either an interim or a full performance appraisal at a reasonable interval should they have concerns about their perceived performance. The President shall determine the format for all administrative appraisals and the board of trustees shall determine the format for the President’s appraisal.

All performance appraisals will be based upon assigned job duties, dimensions, and responsibilities as generally indicated in the job description. Any significant changes within an established job description will be discussed with the employee.

All performance appraisals will specify areas where professional development and/or change may be needed.

Revised August 10, 1995
Revised July 10, 1997
Revised August 9, 2001

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