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POL 5.070 Military Leave Policy


Any employee who is a member of a reserve component of the armed forces will be placed on unpaid leave for his or her annual two-week training duty. Benefit programs will be unaffected and the employee may elect to use any vacation entitlement for the absence. Training leaves will not normally exceed two weeks per year, plus reasonable travel time.

A leave of absence without pay may be granted to any employee who enters any branch of the United States armed services for only one term or until the state of emergency is ended. Benefit accruals for any employee serving on active duty longer than 30 consecutive days will be calculated in accordance with the applicable federal laws.

Revised July 8, 1993


  1. Re-employment will occur based upon the following:
    1. The position vacated is other than temporary.
    2. The individual has been honorably discharged from the armed forces.
    3. The individual has applied for re-employment within ninety (90) days after discharge.
    4. The individual is qualified to perform the duties of the position.
    5. The availability of an opening for which the individual is qualified.
  2. Upon re-employment, the following provisions will apply:
    1. Accrual of seniority will be granted.
    2. Unused sick leave held at the start of the leave will be restored.
  3. All provisions of this policy shall be in accordance with Act 145 P.A. 1943 as amended, governing military leaves of absence. If there is a difference between this agreement and the laws of the United States and/or Michigan regarding military service, the federal or state law will prevail.