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POL 5.075 Professional Improvement Leave


Classified staff who have been employed by Kirtland Community College for a period of six (6) consecutive years may be granted a period of unpaid professional improvement leave for any period not to exceed twelve (12) consecutive months provided, however, that no more than one member from any employee category (see POL 5.345 Definition of Employee Categories) may be on professional development leave in a 12 month period. Staff who request a professional improvement leave must present a plan which defines the activity or study to be undertaken. Upon return from the professional improvement leave, the employee must submit, in writing, to the board of trustees a report stating the use of his/her leave. An employee who does not return to Kirtland Community College on the agreed-upon date, unless a written extension has been granted, may be deemed to have abandoned their position.

August 11, 1983
December 13, 2001

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