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POL 5.120 Job Vacancies

A vacancy in a classified staff position, while regrettable when a loss to the college of an individual’s presence and skills, shall be taken as an opportunity to evaluate whether the position was appropriately classified, and whether the structure and organization of the office can be amended with the least disruption to existing staff. Filling vacant positions shall be undertaken with the intent to secure the best candidates in the most fair, equitable, and objective manner possible, and considering institutional objectives of fiscal responsibility and equal opportunity.

Revised August 10, 1995

Revised June 25, 2004


  1. As job vacancies occur, positions will be reviewed to determine if they are properly classified. Whenever possible, the individual leaving the position will be asked to provide input regarding the current duties of the position.
  2. The administration, with input from the immediate supervisor, shall determine if the position shall be filled; if yes, whether as full or part-time, and whether this would be an appropriate time to review the configuration of duties and responsibilities.
  3. Upon receiving authorization from the administration to fill the position, the director of human resources, with input from the appropriate administrator and the position supervisor, shall determine if the position will be posted internally, posted externally, or recommended to the president to be filled by an employee by promotion or by transfer from another department.
    1. Internal posting
      Internal postings will be utilized when the above-designated staff believes that there is a viable pool of candidates within the college community who meet the requirements of the job.
    2. External posting
      External postings will be utilized when the pool of internal candidates is limited in number, interest, or current qualifications for the position being vacated, and considering institutional objectives of fiscal responsibility and equal opportunity.
    3. Internal placement of postings
      Job vacancy announcements will be placed on bulletin boards located in the library building, student center, instructional building, administration building, and the M-TEC.
    4. Hiring process
      The current hiring process shall be maintained by the human resources office and shall be made readily available to staff, applicants, and any other interested parties, such as agents charged with audit or program reviews.
    5. Internal transfer
      Employees may, with the approval of the president, be transferred from one position to another when it is in the best interest of the college. The transfer may be within a department or between departments. Such transfers may be either a promotion to a higher position, a lateral transfer, or a demotion. Such transfers may be voluntary or involuntary. The board of trustees shall be informed of all such personnel actions.
  4. The administration reserves the right to fill temporary and/or acting positions without posting. These positions may be created in extenuating circumstances when the operation of a college department would be adversely affected or to increase efficiency.