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POL 5.145 Termination

Termination is treated in a confidential and dignified manner. The human resources office will generally be responsible for monitoring termination procedures to ensure thorough, consistent, and equitable treatment of all existing employees.

Approved April 13, 1995


  1. Voluntary termination
    1. Voluntary termination is defined as any employee resigning of his/her own will.
    2. Classified employees are expected to give 14 calendar days advance notice of their intention to terminate employment. Administrators are expected to give three months notice.
    3. The immediate supervisor or department administrator shall have the authority to accept letters of resignation.
    4. Employees are required to visit the business office to turn in their security cards, keys, and equipment. Exceptions will be made only with the approval of the president.
    5. The administration reserves the right to require a terminating employee to leave the premises immediately after giving notice if, in the opinion of the administration, the employee’s presence would be detrimental to the operation of the department or the college as a whole.
    6. At the time the employee informs the administration of the decision to terminate, the employee will submit a letter of resignation. If no such letter can be secured, the supervisor documents the conversation, detailing it as accurately as possible, and obtains the employee’s signature. Verbal resignations are effective.
    7. The supervisor contacts the human resources office immediately after receiving a notification of resignation. The supervisor informs the employee that he/she must report to the human resources office and turn in all security cards, keys, or other items checked out to the employee before the last day of work.
    8. The human resources office collects all items checked out to the employee and provides the employee with information regarding benefits and insurance continuance.
    9. The supervisor completes an action form and attaches the resignation letter and/or other documentation pertaining to the termination. After obtaining the appropriate signatures, the supervisor submits the form to the business office.
    10. Exit review – the supervisor and/or department administrator shall meet with the employee on or before the last day of work to discuss the reasons for termination and other issues pertaining to the employee’s job. The employee also has an exit interview with the director of human resources.
  2. Involuntary termination
    1. When the decision is made to involuntarily terminate an employee, an action form must be completed and approved prior to notifying the employee of termination. Approval must include the immediate supervisor, the appropriate dean, the director of human resources, and the president.
    2. Once the employee has been notified, he/she is required to report to the human resources office (unless prior arrangements have been made) to handle paperwork and arrange for a final paycheck.
    3. The supervisor and/or a member of the human resources office staff are responsible for overseeing the collection of personal items from the work station. The employee is required to leave the premises immediately after collecting personal belongings.
    4. Elimination of position – in the event that an employee’s position is eliminated due to reorganization or reduction in force, efforts will be made to place the employee in another position for which the employee is qualified. If the employee chooses not to accept the new position, the termination will be considered voluntary. If within a reasonable period of time a position cannot be found, the employee may be involuntarily terminated.
    5. Upon termination, the supervisor will collect security cards, keys, etc.
  3. Abandonment of position
    Should an employee fail to report to work for three consecutive scheduled work days without making contact with his/her supervisor, the employee shall be terminated for abandonment of position.
  4. Termination date
    The employee’s last day in active pay status will be the official termination date, whether the termination is voluntary or involuntary. The official termination date will be used to determine benefit eligibility.
  5. Final paycheck
    1. In cases of termination, the final paycheck is given to the employee on the next payday. The check will include:
      1. Pay for all hours worked
      2. Unused earned vacation from previous fiscal year
    2. Expense checks will be mailed to the employee’s home address after the accounting department has received authorization to process the checks.
  6. Payment for unused sick, vacation, and business days will be made according to individual policies, if any (POL 5.060 Vacation Leave Policy, POL 5.140 Sick Leave, POL 5.130 Business or Personal Leave).
  7. All terminated employees who were eligible for college benefits shall receive COBRA notice.