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POL 5.155 Probationary Period – New Employees

The first six months of employment are considered a probationary period. The purpose of the probationary period is to provide Kirtland Community College with the opportunity to assess job performance and work habits of new employees.

Approved April 13, 1995

Revised August 8, 2002


  1. It is the responsibility of the supervisor, in collaboration with the human resource office, to provide for appropriate orientation, training, mentoring, goals for employees, and to monitor and evaluate the employee’s progress. At the conclusion of the first six months of employment in a position, whether a new hire, transfer, demotion, or promotion, it is the task of the supervisor to provide a written memo to the director of human resources recommending either removal of probation, extension of probation, or termination of employment.
  2. Unsatisfactory performance shall be documented by the supervisor and discussed with the employee.
  3. All employees who are eligible for the health insurance plan of the college shall be covered during the probationary period.
  4. Each eligible employee will begin accruing personal business days, sick days and vacation days at the rate specified per board policy on the first day of employment.
  5. Employees who are dismissed during or at the end of the probationary period are not eligible to receive payment for unused vacation, sick, or personal business days.
  6. The immediate supervisor may extend the probationary period up to an additional six months upon approval of the appropriate administrator and the director of human resources. The President shall be informed.
  7. Probationary employees may be discharged with or without cause or notice at the sole discretion of the college at any time during the probationary period. The individual so affected may, within 5 working days, direct a written appeal to the President of the college. The decision of the President is final.