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POL 5.175 Confidentiality

Confidentiality is necessary to protect the privacy of all employees and students at Kirtland Community College. As a public institution, the college is required to provide certain records to the public, upon request, as outlined in the Freedom of Information Act.

Employees are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards when requests for information are made. Employees must use their best judgment in referring all requests for confidential information to the appropriate administrator.

Adopted January 18, 1996


  1. Employees will not act as college representatives without the specific authorization of the college administration.
  2. When requests for information relating to college business or personnel are made, inquiries should be referred as follows:
    Student Information: Director of Student Services
    Personnel matters: Director of Human Resources
    Financial matters: Chief Business & Financial Officer
  3. All reference requests for former employees should be directed to the director of human resources. The director of human resources may refer reference requests to the appropriate supervisors when more detailed information is required. Student recommendations shall be referred to the director of student services.
  4. Inappropriately divulging college confidential information, either deliberately or inadvertently, may lead to disciplinary action ranging from oral and written reprimands to immediate termination of employment. Confidential information would include information subject to Family Educational Records Privacy Act, the Bullard-Plawecki Employee Eight to Know Act, common law invasion of privacy, constitutional due process rights, and other matters not subject to disclosure to Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act and any other statutes.