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POL 5.185 Medical Exam Reimbursement

Full or part-time college employees shall be reimbursed for post-offer employment medical examinations, diagnostic tests, and/or immunizations at a rate approved by the board of trustees.

Reimbursement shall be provided for examinations and/or tests required by state or federal public guidelines, for examinations and/or tests required for licensing needed to fulfill the requirements of the position held at Kirtland, and for pre-employment or other physical examinations required by college guidelines. Kirtland shall also offer all employees with high risk for exposure to bloodborne pathogens the opportunity to receive the Hepatitis B vaccination at the college’s expense as outlined in the exposure control plan for bloodborne pathogens.

Revised August 11, 1994

To view the procedure, go to PRO 5.185 Medical Exam Reimbursement