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POL 5.200 Classified Temporary Employees

Temporary employees are hired for a finite or limited period of time. The administration shall determine whether the temporary employee shall be classified or supervisory.

  1. The contract should spell out all the conditions of employment.
    1. Number of work days should be set so that the employee knows the duration of temporary status.
    2. Any type of fringe benefits shall be included (if none, state none).
    3. The wage of the employee shall be included.
    4. The type of work which is to be performed.
  2. A performance evaluation shall be made before a temporary employee’s status is extended or terminated.
  3. All temporary employees shall abide by all of the policies of the board of trustees. Any violation of the board of trustee’s policies shall be cause for disciplinary action, including but not limited to termination of employment and of contracts of employment.

February 11, 1988