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POL 5.320 Temporary Reclassification

Purpose is to provide guidelines and criteria to be used when an employee should be reclassified and appropriately compensated for assuming the responsibilities of a higher level job on a temporary basis.

  1. An employee who is assigned the total responsibility of a job that has a higher pay grade and pay range for two weeks or more, shall be compensated at a rate commensurate with the minimum of the higher pay range or 10 percent above the employee’s current pay rate, which ever is greater.If a job that takes considerable time to learn becomes vacant, the director of human resources may elect to postpone compensation until it is evident that the replacement is fulfilling all the duties of the position.

    The period of temporary reclassification shall not exceed six (6) months.

Approved June 10. 1993


  1. Each department head is responsible for notifying the director of human resources when an employee will be temporarily assigned work in a higher classified job.
  2. The director of human resources will determine the necessary increase to the employee’s base rate of pay and authorize the appropriate temporary pay rate.
  3. The director of human resources should ensure that the duration of temporary reclassification is clearly noted in the employee’s personnel file.
  4. Any step increase or market adjustment increase that falls during the period of temporary reclassification will be calculated using the employee’s normal base pay rate.