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POL 5.325 Hiring Rates

Purpose is to provide guidance and boundaries to the director of human resources in establishing pay rates for newly hired employees that are both adequate to attract competent individuals and preserve internal equity within Kirtland Community College.

  1. New hires will not be paid below the minimum of the established pay range for their job.Employees will be hired at or near the minimum of the pay range for their classification unless the applicant has education and/or experience directly applicable and above the minimum employment requirements established for the classification; or, unless the outside labor market dictates a higher starting rate. All hiring rates are subject to the college’s ability to pay.

Approved June 10. 1993


  1. It is the responsibility of the director of human resources to determine the existence and applicability of the candidate’s educational and/or work experience qualifications. Upon verification of the qualifications and documented evidence of competitive labor market pressures, a decision is made to offer a hiring rate above the minimum of the pay range.
  2. The director of human resources should exercise caution in terms of potential intra-classification equity problems. The recommended starting rate should not place the new employee too near, equivalent to, or beyond the pay rates of current employees with comparable levels of education or work experience.
  3. If the director of human resources elects an above-minimum starting rate, he/she must also provide a recommendation as to the appropriate rate or in-range step for the new employee.
  4. An above-minimum starting rate shall be based on a credit for up to fifty percent (50%) of the candidate’s prior applicable education and/or work experience and the college’s ability to pay.