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POL 5.335 Lateral Transfers

Purpose is to ensure the most effective and efficient use of college personnel and to ensure that employees moving from or to a job of equal responsibility are paid equitably.

Employees may, with the approval of the president, be transferred from one position to another when it is in the best interest of the college. Such transfers may be voluntary or involuntary. The board of trustees shall be informed of all such personnel actions.

A transfer may take place within a department or between departments.

An employee will not be transferred to a new or revised job until the job has been analyzed, described via a formal job description, evaluated by the director of human resources, and approved by the administration.

When laterally transferred, an employee will not receive an adjustment in pay.

A lateral transfer occurs when an employee:

  1. moves to a new department at the same base pay rate and classification; or,
  2. moves to a new department in a new classification that has the same pay range; or,
  3. moves within the same department to a new classification that has the same pay range.

Approved June 10, 1993
Revised June 25, 2004

To view the procedure, go to PRO 5.335 Lateral Transfers