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POL 5.340 Demotions

Purpose is to ensure that individuals who assume or are assigned positions of lesser responsibility are paid equitably relative to other employees of the college.

  1. The rate of pay for an employee (who either voluntarily or by action of the college) is assigned to a job classification in a lower pay grade and range will be reduced to a point within that range. The amount of the pay rate reduction will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the director of human resources with concurrence of the administration and board of trustees.If the total decrease in an employee’s pay rate results in a “red-circle” situation, the employee will be ineligible for future pay increases until the maximum of the pay range is adjusted to a point beyond the red-circle rate.

    For terms of this policy the following definitions will apply:

    1. Base Pay Rate – The employee’s rate of pay exclusive of overtime or any other form of premium pay.
    2. Demotion – A change in job assignment from a job in a higher pay range to a job with a lower pay range.

Approved June 10, 1993


  1. If an employee receives a demotion, his or her base pay rate will be reduced to an appropriate point within the lower pay range. The exact rate will be recommended by the director of human resources.
  2. The following factors will be considered in determining the employee’s new rate:
    1. Equity among current incumbents within the lower job classifications.
    2. The probability of satisfactory performance in the new job.
  3. The director of human resources is responsible for communicating the demotion and pay rate reduction to the affected employee.
  4. The reduction in the employee’s pay rate will be effective and coincide with the date the new job responsibilities are assumed.