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POL 5.365 Timesheets

Each nonexempt employee is responsible for keeping his or her own timesheet indicating hours worked and time off for illness, vacation, bereavement, public service duty, leave of absence, etc.

Revised January 18, 1996


  1. Each full and part time nonexempt classified employee must submit a timesheet to his/her immediate supervisor for signature. Timesheets are due in the accounting office payroll department by noon on the Monday preceding payday. Employees are responsible for insuring that accurate, fully signed timesheets are submitted.If the employee fails to submit a timesheet to the payroll department by noon on the Monday preceding payday, a check will not be issued for that payday.
  2. The timesheet is used to determine the hours for which each nonexempt employee should be paid. Timesheets must accurately reflect the hours worked, holidays, and other paid or unpaid time off such as sick leave, vacation, bereavement, etc. The employee’s signature on his/her timesheet is verification that the hours reported are accurate.
  3. Copies of timesheets are retained by the payroll department and are available for review by the employee and immediate supervisor.