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POL 5.380 Orientation

All new employees are required to attend orientation.

Approved January 12, 1995


  1. The employee reports to the business office at the beginning of the work day (usually 8:00 a.m.) on the first day of employment or the earliest date convenient to both the business office and the hiring department.
  2. The following topics are discussed in orientation:
    1. Benefit package
    2. General policies and procedures (attendance, security, etc.)
    3. Salary reviews/performance appraisals
    4. Evaluation period
    5. Pay procedures
  3. New employees are notified during orientation that they are required to submit proof of eligibility for employment within 3 days of the hire date in accordance with the Immigration Act of 1986. If an employee fails to provide the necessary documents (or an application for the documents) within 3 days, he or she may be terminated. If the employee has applied for the documents and cannot provide them within 21 days of the hire date, he or she will be terminated.
  4. Supervisors are responsible for discussing departmental policies or procedures that are not addressed in orientation.
  5. Each new employee shall be told where a copy of the policy and procedure manual may be found.