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POL 5.385 Position Descriptions

Maintaining position descriptions is a prime responsibility of each supervisor. This responsibility includes ensuring that each job description is up-to-date and that each employee has a copy of his/her job description.

Approved January 12, 1995


  1. The position description serves as:
    1. A communication tool for providing employees with information about the work they are expected to accomplish.
    2. A basis for setting performance standards through the identification of the specific objectives of each job, and the function to be performed in order to meet those objectives.
    3. A standard for improving employee performance.
  2. A position description must be written by the supervisor when:
    1. a new position is created.
    2. The duties or responsibilities of a current position have a measurable change.
  3. A position description must be forwarded to the business office where it will be reviewed by the ad hoc personnel committee for:
    1. Consistency of format
    2. Completeness of content
    3. Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and applicable state and federal laws
    4. Accurate descriptions of the duties, responsibilities, skills, and knowledge applicable to the position
    5. Point factor ranges
  4. Position descriptions will be reviewed annually for changes in duties, responsibilities, and qualifications.
  5. A copy of the position description will be maintained by the business office, the departmental supervisor, and the individual currently holding the position.