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POL 5.405 Employee Assistance Program

Kirtland Community College depends on the physical and psychological health of its employees for its welfare and success. When employee personal problems begin to affect job performance, attendance, work site safety, and/or organizational productivity, then such personal problems become a concern of the college. Specifically, Kirtland Community College recognizes that personal problems of a psychological, family, marital, medical, alcohol/drug abuse, job maladjustment, financial or legal nature can disrupt an individual employee’s personal life and cause difficulties that can impact the employee’s ability to do his/her job.

The college acknowledges that an employee will frequently delay or resist getting help for such personal problems because of the fear attached to securing professional assistance. Recognizing this fact, the college has developed an employee assistance program (EAP). Kirtland Community College’s EAP provides an employee with the opportunity to secure confidential help for his/her personal problem(s) before unsatisfactory job performance renders him/her unemployable. The program is available to all full-time and regular part-time employees and their families.

Approved April 13, 1995

To view the procedure, go to PRO 5.405 Employee Assistance Program