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POL 5.410 Reduction in Workforce

Whenever it is necessary to decrease the classified employee work force due to, but not limited to, insufficient funds, decrease of student population, or departmental changes, the board of trustees upon the recommendation of the college administration may cause the necessary number of classified employees in the appropriate department(s) to be placed on involuntary leave without pay.

August 10, 1995


  1. When it is necessary to decrease the classified employee work force, layoff of employees shall be determined by an evaluation of the criteria listed below:
    1. Demonstrated past performance: demonstrated past performance shall be evaluated on the basis of performance appraisals completed prior to layoff and overall job performance. Demonstrated past performance of the employee shall be given more weight when considering reductions in work force than the other factors.
    2. Job familiarity and job skills: job familiarity and job skills may be beneficial to the college and shall be determined on the basis of positions held.
    3. Length of service with the college and/or in the position – an employee’s length of service is measured based on the effective start date. Employees with unpaid leaves of absence shall be credited for time actually worked.
  2. Following action by the board of trustees, affected classified employees shall receive written notification from the director of human resources regarding involuntary layoff. Effort shall be made to notify employees at least sixty days prior to discontinuation of employment.
  3. No vacation, sick, or business days shall be taken or accrued while on layoff. Employees shall be paid for unused vacation days that are currently available in their bank at the time of layoff. In addition, unaccrued vacation days earned during the current fiscal year shall be paid on a prorated basis.
  4. Names of laid off employees shall be maintained on a recall list for one year from the effective layoff date. Removal from the recall list following the one year time limit or at the employee’s request shall terminate all job rights the employee may have.
  5. Employees shall be recalled in accordance with POL 5.415 recall of classified employees.
  6. The administration shall have the option of reducing a full-time position to part-time status in lieu of discontinuation if it is determined to be in the best interest of the college.
  7. The grievance procedure shall not be used as a recourse in classified employee reductions.