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POL 5.415 Recall of Classified Employees

In the event previously discontinued positions are reopened and/or new positions are created, the administration will give first consideration to laid off employees on the recall list.

August 10, 1995

Revised May 19, 2005


  1. In the event a position is reopened, recall of employees shall be determined by an evaluation of the criteria listed below.
    1. Demonstrated past performance: demonstrated past performance shall be evaluated on the basis of performance appraisals completed prior to layoff and overall job performance. Demonstrated past performance of the employee shall be given more weight in consideration for recall than the other factors.
    2. Job familiarity and job skills: job familiarity and job skills may be beneficial to the college and shall be determined on the basis of positions held.
    3. Length of service with the college and/or in the position – an employee’s length of service is measured based on the effective start date. Employees with unpaid leaves of absence shall be credited for time actually worked.
  2. Notice of recall shall be sent to the employee via certified mail with return receipt requested to the home address furnished by the employee. Should the employee fail to respond to the recall notice within seven calendar days following receipt of the notice or its attempted delivery, his/her name will be removed from the recall list and he/she will cease to have any job rights with the college. It is the employee’s responsibility to maintain their current address in the business office.
  3. The recalled employee shall be entitled to all sick days accumulated prior to the layoff upon return to work. All other benefits shall become effective on the first day of re-employment or in accordance with any policy, rules or regulations of the insurance carrier.
  4. The administration shall give first consideration for filling newly created positions to individuals on the recall list but reserves the right to fill such positions with the individual who will best fill the personnel needs of the college.
  5. The employee shall report on the date specified in the notice. Failure to return to work on that date shall be construed as a resignation.