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POL 5.420 Part-time Paraprofessional Employee Benefits

The college will provide the following fringe benefits to regular part-time paraprofessional employees:

  1. Each part-time regular paraprofessional employee shall be eligible for paid sick leave on a prorated basis.
    1. The accrual of sick hours shall be based on 96 hours of paid sick leave for each 2080 hours worked.
    2. The employee should report sick hours used on his/her timesheet. He/she should claim only the amount of hours he/she was scheduled to work on the day missed.
  2. The college will make contribution to the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System on behalf of each part-time paraprofessional employee as mandated by the retirement system.
  3. Part-time paraprofessional employees shall be entitled to absence with pay when the college and/or off-campus facilities are closed due to emergency situations (i.e. inclement weather, electrical outages, etc.) on a day the employee was scheduled to work. The employee should report the hours he/she was scheduled to work on his/her timesheet.
  4. Part-time regular paraprofessional employees shall be eligible for one tuition free Kirtland Community College course (maximum four credit hours) for each semester or a maximum of four credit hours per semester tuition free for FLEX or module based classes, provided the classes are within the same discipline (please reference POL 5.170 Tuition Free College Courses for Employees).Participation in tuition free classes must be with no interference with regular employee responsibilities. In the event the part-time employee does not take advantage of the tuition free course(s), his/her spouse or children are eligible for this benefit per the eligibility provisions of POL 5.170.

    Application fees, student activity fees, book and other class fees must be paid by the recipient of the employee scholarship grant at the time of registration.

  5. The college shall allow paid time off for part-time paraprofessional employees in the event of a death in the employee’s immediate family.
    1. Up to three days off with pay per occurrence will be granted to a part-time paraprofessional employee in the event of a death in the immediate family. The employee will only be paid for scheduled work hours during that bereavement period.
    2. Immediate family is defined as a spouse, child (including biological, adopted, foster, step, or legal ward), parent (including in-laws), brother, sister, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent (including in-laws), grandchild, aunt or uncle, or relative living at the employee’s residence where the employee has day-to-day responsibility for the individual.
    3. The appropriate administrator may grant additional time off with pay if extenuating circumstances warrant an extension of bereavement leave.
  6. If by board action the college is closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day and the part-time employee is not given the opportunity to work at the college, the employee will be paid at his/her regular hourly rate for 50% of his/her computed average weekly hours. Computed average weekly hours will be based on hours worked for the first eight pay periods of the fiscal year beginning July 1.

Adopted January 18, 1996

Revised May 19, 2005