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POL 5.430 Financial Support for Professional Development

It is the policy of Kirtland Community College to encourage the professional development of employees. The college will provide financial support for authorized classes, conferences, seminars, workshops, and other similar means of acquiring skills and knowledge related to the enhanced performance of the employee’s duties and responsibilities in their position at Kirtland Community College. This policy is separate and apart from POL 5.170 Tuition Free College Courses for Employees. This policy applies to classified staff under benefit levels A, D, E, F, and G (refer to POL 5.345 for definitions of employee categories). Members of the full-time faculty should refer to Article VIII, Section B of the Faculty Master Agreement; part-time faculty should refer to Part V under professional development in the Adjunct Faculty Handbook, and their department chair for further information. Other employees may be included per contract.

Adopted April 19, 2001


  1. Employees wishing to attend a conference, seminar, workshop, or other similar professional development activity should submit written documentation to their supervisor, including an estimate of all expenses to be reimbursed, location, and times to be absent from their position, including travel time. Standard forms are available from the human resources office.
  2. The supervisor’s recommendation will be based on his/her determination whether the proposed professional development activity would be beneficial and appropriate to the performance of the employee’s duties and responsibilities in their position at Kirtland Community College, and the availability of funding.
  3. Expenses which may be funded include: Conference fees; mileage, if use of a personal vehicle is authorized; lodging, generally if more than fifty (50) miles from the employee’s regular place of employment with Kirtland; and meals, while traveling and participating in the professional development activity.
  4. Employees wishing to attend a college course as a professional development activity that is not otherwise covered by the Kirtland employee scholarship (see POL 5.170) may also submit written documentation as stipulated in item 1 above. Tuition and required fees for class work taken for credit may be reimbursed, if determined in advance by the supervisor, the division administrator, and the director of human resources to be in the best interest of the college. Lodging, transportation, meals, and related expenses would remain the responsibility of the employee in this event. Books and other items that would normally remain the property of the employee would also not be typically funded. The college will consider individual classes only, not a degree program. Tuition and fees authorized under this section will be reimbursed upon documentation of successful completion of the approved class. Successful completion, if a point scale is used, is defined as at least a 2.0 on a 4-point scale.
  5. In the event an employee is directed to attend a class as a professional development activity required by the college, costs may be covered as outlined in item 3 above.
  6. The director of human resources, in concert with the division administrator, will in each instance determine which expenses will be funded considering the recommendation of the supervisor, the normal and customary practice of the college, and the availability of funding.
  7. The employee shall report the successful completion of the class/seminar/workshop to their supervisor. Standard forms are available from the human resources office. Transcripts shall be provided when appropriate, for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file. Failure to successfully complete requested professional development activities subsequently funded by the college may be grounds for denial of additional support, and for a negative performance evaluation.