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POL 5.435 Policy for the Performance of Work at a Personal Residence

The board of trustees at Kirtland Community College, as an employer, as well as a public service provider, has an interest in arranging for the most efficient and effective means of utilizing the skills and experience of its employees in the performance of the mission of the college. It is recognized that this may from time-to-time involve the performance of work from locations other than the traditional on-campus office locations. It is, however, recognized that the public service function of the college requires that staff be accessible to the college’s clientele. It is further recognized that there are substantial benefits to staff working in proximity to colleagues, and to institutional support systems. Accordingly, it is the policy of the board of trustees of Kirtland Community College to permit the performance of work from a personal residence of an employee only under certain limitations and understandings designed to ensure the greatest benefit to the college and the people served thereby.

Adopted November 14, 2002

To view the procedure, go to PRO 5.435 Procedure for Authorizing the Performance of Work at a Personal Residence