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POL 5.435 Policy for the Performance of Work at a Personal Residence

The board of trustees at Kirtland Community College, as an employer, as well as a public service provider, has an interest in arranging for the most efficient and effective means of utilizing the skills and experience of its employees in the performance of the mission of the college. It is recognized that this may from time-to-time involve the performance of work from locations other than the traditional on-campus office locations. It is, however, recognized that the public service function of the college requires that staff be accessible to the college’s clientele. It is further recognized that there are substantial benefits to staff working in proximity to colleagues, and to institutional support systems. Accordingly, it is the policy of the board of trustees of Kirtland Community College to permit the performance of work from a personal residence of an employee only under certain limitations and understandings designed to ensure the greatest benefit to the college and the people served thereby.

Adopted November 14, 2002


Considerations of public service, of internal fairness and equity, of effective communication, institutional liability, and cost-effective support mandate that work during normal business hours shall be undertaken from an employee’s home only when and if a task can be shown to be clearly and substantially better able to be performed from there, rather than the facilities provided, or if there are documented and temporary medical reasons for which this may represent a reasonable accommodation.

A supervisor seeking to arrange for an employee to work from home shall meet with the Director of Human Resources and the appropriate administrator. A determination will be made whether the task to be performed would be clearly and substantially better able to be performed from home, or there are documented and temporary medical reasons for which this represents a reasonable accommodation. If approved, a written statement of the rationale for this decision will be filed in the human resource office, and the work authorized for a specified period of time. A decision to deny authorization by the Director of Human Resources and the appropriate administrator is final; any authorization approved may be rescinded at any time by the supervisor or appropriate administrator. The college president will be informed of any significant proposed adjustments to an employees regular worksite placement.

Notwithstanding the location of the work to be performed, non-exempt employees are required to maintain documentation accurately reflecting the hours of work performed, and exempt employees are required to document time taken when absent from the regular performance of their responsibilities due to illness, vacation, or bereavement. Supervisors and staff shall remain aware that personnel engaged off-site remain and must act as valued members of the Kirtland employee community. Membership on committees and participation at campus events is a part of maintaining effective communications within the college team. Performance standards, opportunity for advancement, and disciplinary procedures for violation of work standards remain equivalent notwithstanding the location of the work performed.

Upon approval of this policy, reasonable transition plans will be developed and provided for existing employees with previously approved and maintained personal residence work assignments.