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POL 1.040 Policy on Intercollegiate Athletics

The administration of the college will develop procedures that insure a quality and safe learning experience for college student athletes as measured by the college evaluation process.  To accomplish this policy, the administration will implement the following practices:

  1. The Administration will approve all paid and unpaid coaching and other positions supporting an athletic program.  Non-employees will not be permitted to participate in the coaching, training, or other direction of athletes during practices or games unless approved in writing by the President or his/her designee.  Individuals violating this procedure or contributing to the violation of this policy will be subject to sanction or discipline.
  2. A criminal background check will be required of all individuals, except subcontractors, who are authorized to work with athletes, or handle receipts.
  3. All paid or unpaid coaches will participate in a training and orientation program approved or conducted by the Athletic Director.
  4. To comply with federal law, only designated Kirtland employees are allowed to provide academic scheduling advice or counseling to student athletes.  Coaches may provide advice to students on the topic of maintaining eligibility.
  5. The Athletic Director, with the approval of the President or his designee(s) has the authority to determine all game and private schedules and the location of all athletic events.  Any violation of league rules, board policy, or administrative procedure resulting in less than an optimal learning experience for student athletes will be a factor to consider in making these determinations.
  6. Coaching and other athletic staff members are required to follow college business procedures.
  7. Any report of retaliation by a coach or athletic staff member after a student complaint will be investigated.
  8. Any injury of a student athlete requiring medical attention will be reported to the Athletic Director by the responsible college employee as soon as possible, but no later than eight hours after the incident.  All required forms and documents will be submitted to the Director of Human Resources within two (2) business days.
  9. All athletic staff will be required to complete a conflict of interest survey.  Falsification of information will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of a contract.
  10. The President will initiate an investigation of any suspected violation of NJCAA or the Michigan Community College Athletic Association rules or any action that may limit the eligibility of a student athlete or any action not considered meeting the expectation of the college for coaching and teaching practices.  Any violation of league rules may be subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment.
  11. It is the option of the President to initiate an audit of any and all sports at any time.  The president will determine the scope of the audit.
  12. No one shall operate a college vehicle without authorization under the appropriate college procedure.  All college insurance regulations will apply.
  13. The Athletic Director will approve the scheduling of and participation in all events and activities in which athletes participate as a Kirtland Student-Athlete.
  14. The Athletic Director exercises final authority over all dismissals from athletic participation.    Students believing they have been wrongly dismissed must appeal in writing to the Athletic Director within five (5) business days of their being informed by the coach that they are being suspended or are subject to dismissal.

Approved November 21, 2013