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POL 6.007 Admission to Kirtland Community College

Kirtland Community College adheres to the “open door” policy of granting admission primarily to all persons above the twelfth grade age level. Admission to Kirtland does not ensure enrollment into all courses or programs. All course prerequisites or additional admissions requirements must also be met. Anyone wishing to take a course at Kirtland must apply for admission. There is no application fee.

Persons planning to transfer to a four-year college or university should be aware that a high school diploma or G.E.D. (General Educational Development test) may be required by the transfer institution. Persons applying for financial aid must have a high school diploma, G.E.D., or documented proof of their ability to benefit (ATB test – must be 18 or your class must have graduated).

Depending on the applicant’s situation, either regular or conditional admission status will be granted. Only students granted regular admission status will be eligible to apply for financial aid.

The college welcomes and encourages students under the age of 17 in its diverse and abundant courses and programs. Parents/guardians need to recognize that they will be paying for the course(s) unless the student is an approved dual enrollment student from a high school, that Kirtland is a college with an adult environment with adult topics and subject matter, and that there are no computer restrictions on internet access.

Regular admission is granted to:

  • Graduates of an accredited public or private high school
  • Successful completers of the G.E.D. test who are at least 17 years of age
  • Students 18 years of age who meet ATB requirements
  • Home schooled graduates at least 17 years of age
  • International students under an authorized student VISA (procedures and application materials are available from the college’s designated school official).
  • Guest students from other institutions (a Uniform Guest Student Application, signed by the registrar from the home institution, is required).

Students granted regular admission must supply, in addition to the application for admission, a high school transcript with graduation date indicated or an official report of G.E.D. test results showing successful completion. Home schooled students who have not taken courses through an organized agency which provides transcripts must be prepared to provide a list of all courses taken, graduation date, and have the document signed by the teaching parent/guardian and notarized.

Conditional Admission is granted to:

  • Home school students under the age of 17 (students using college courses to enhance their home school curriculum are not considered dual enrolled). Students in this category must have ACT test results or take Kirtland’s placement test.
  • Dual enrolled students from a high school (a dual enrolled student is a K-12 student who is also attending college). All dual enrollees must have either ACT scores or take Kirtland’s placement test. Dual enrolled students are required to submit a dual enrollment form for each semester. Written authorization and approval to attend Kirtland from their school’s superintendent or his/her designee is also needed (forms are available in the admission office or the high school counseling office).
  • G.E.D. recipients under the age of 17
  • Non-high school completers (withdrawn from high school, have not earned a G.E.D., and haven’t met ATB requirements)
  • All students under the age of 18 who do not meet regular admissions requirements

Students may change their status to regular admission if they meet the requirements. A form is available in the Student Services office.

Additional admission requirements may be established for entry into specific programs and are developed in conjunction with state licensure/certification agencies.

All students must show proof of residency.

POL 6.007 Replaces POL 6.005 and POL 6.006, Adopted March 14, 1991
Revised November 11, 1993
Revised August 21, 2003

To view the procedure, go to PRO 6.007 Admission to Kirtland Community College