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POL 6.020A Grade Reporting System

Grades are issued at the end of each semester or session and become a permanent part of the student’s record. The following grades are computed in the semester/term and cumulative/career grade point average: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, and E.

Academic achievement is recorded as follows:

A Excellent performance 4.0
A- Excellent performance 3.7
B+ Above average performance 3.3
B Above average performance 3.0
B- Above average performance 2.7
C+ Average performance 2.3
C Average performance 2.0
C- Below average performance 1.7
D+ Below average performance 1.3
D Below average performance 1.0
D- Below average performance 0.7
E Failure 0.0
I Incomplete N/A
W Withdrawal N/A
AU Audit N/A
CR Transfer Credit N/A
R Registrar Grade N/A
S Satisfactory N/A
SA Satisfactory – Grade A N/A
SB Satisfactory – Grade B N/A
SC Satisfactory – Grade C N/A
SD Satisfactory – Grade D N/A
U Unsatisfactory N/A
P Denotes class in progress N/A

Approved April 17, 1997


The director of student services will provide the necessary forms for the recording of grades. All instructors will submit their grades according to the time lines established by the registrar. Grades are then processed and grade reports are mailed to students.