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POL 6.025A Honors List

Each fall and winter semester, a president’s honor list and dean’s honor list will be issued. The president’s and dean’s honor lists shall consist of names of full-time (12 or more credit hours earned, excluding developmental courses) students whose current/term grade point averages (g.p.a.) at the time grade reports are processed are:

President’s honor list: 3.800 – 4.000 g.p.a.

Dean’s honor list: 3.400 – 3.799 g.p.a.

The following conditions apply for either list:

  1. Students receiving an incomplete grade (“I”) for the semester will not be considered for either list. (However, honors notations will be posted to transcripts when completion of “I” grades results in grade point averages that meet honor list criteria.)
  2. Credits earned in developmental courses will not be used when determining a student’s full-time status.

Replaces POL 6.025, Honors; Adopted May 12, 1988

Revised November 11, 1993 and April 17, 1997


The director of student services will notify the president and the dean of instructional and educational services of all students earning grades that make them eligible for honors. Honor lists will be published by the president and the dean of instruction and educational services in accordance with the following:

  1. A letter will be sent to the recipient of the honors notifying him or her of the significance of the achievement and expressing congratulations.
  2. A press release will be sent to the newspapers of the students’ respective communities indicating the honor list attained.