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POL 6.030A Academic Probation and Academic Dismissal from College

Cumulative/career credit hours attempted/graded and cumulative/career grade point average (g.p.a.) will determine a student’s good academic standing, probation, and dismissal status according to the following schedule.

Cum./Career Credit Hours Attempted/Graded
Good Standing Cum./Career g.p.a.
Probation Status Cum./Career g.p.a.
Dismissal Status Cum./Career g.p.a.
0-5 2.00 and above
6-11 2.00 and above 00.0-1.99
12-17 2.00 and above 1.00-1.99 0.99 or less
18-23 2.00 and above 1.26-1.99 1.25 or less
24-29 2.00 and above 1.53-1.99 1.52 or less
30 plus 2.00 and above 1.80*-1.99 1.79 or less

*Should the student not show academic progress (increasing cum./career g.p.a. towards 2.00) after completion of the next enrolled semester/session, he/she will be dismissed.

If a student is dismissed from the college and wishes to re-enter, he/she must submit an “application for reinstatement” to the director of student services for permission to re-enter as a limited probationary student. If permission is granted, the student will be allowed to re-enter with enrollment restrictions as stated in a signed contract between the student and the student services counselor. Any adjustments to the limited probationary student’s schedule must be approved by the student services counselor.

A limited probationary student will be dismissed again from the college if he/she is not showing academic progress (increasing the cum./career g.p.a. towards 2.00) or if he/she does not meet all requirements as listed in the contract. Students being dismissed for a second time will be automatically required to sit out at least one semester.

Students being placed on academic probation or academic dismissal will be notified by letter of their status. The letter will be from the director of student services, a copy of which will be sent to the student’s academic advisor.

Approved April 17, 1997

To view the procedure, go to PRO 6.030A Academic Probation and Academic Dismissal from College