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POL 6.045A Course Repetition

A student may repeat any course previously taken or an equivalent at Kirtland Community College in order to improve his/her grade. Only the higher grade is credited when computing the grade point average.

If the student has achieved a “C” grade or better on the first repeat of a course, a second repeat will not be permitted. A student may not repeat a course more than twice.

Exceptions to this policy may occur when a student desires reentry or progression within a particular program which requires current competency. These exceptions may be authorized by the program advisor. Other exceptions may only be authorized by the instructional deans.

Adopted June 9, 1988

Revised November 11, 1993


The director of student services will take such action as necessary to implement the course repetition policy.

When an equivalent course is used for a repeat, written approval from the instruction office is required.

Although repetition of courses is allowed according to the course repetition policy, students receiving financial assistance should check with the student financial aid office prior to registration to see if their financial aid package will be adversely effected.