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Positive Power. Eating Peas. Three Good Things.

It may not sound very collegiate at first read, but last week was full of a lot of HAPPY CRAP This Week @ Kirtland.  What’s that you say…and are we allowed to say that?  Well, thanks to Positive Communication expert Erika Oliver, Kirtland employees spent a day learning to incorporate positivity into our daily mission with a goal of changing our outlook and approach to any situation.  As Ms. Oliver says, “It’s all crap. You may as well make it HAPPY crap.”

Oliver presents Happy Crap @ Kirtland

Oliver presents Happy Crap @ Kirtland

As Kirtland employees return to work, we kicked off the Winter 2013 semester with our semi-annual convocation meeting, featuring a day of inspirational speaking and thought-provoking group sessions to challenge ourselves to the next level.  Hey, if we expect students to strive to do better, shouldn’t employees do the same?  In her workshop, Oliver shared eight tools to help “train” yourself to make positive – and therefore more productive – assumptions.  The goal of this exercise is giving yourself the skills to make the most of every day by creating:

  • Positive relationships.
  • Productive days.
  • Peace inside and out.
  • Prosperity in all areas of life.
  • The best day, every day!


Just like we learned when we were young, Oliver encourages people to eat their P.E.A.S. each and every day.  When you eat your peas, you:

  • Eat your PEAS

    Eat your PEAS

    Position:  choose your position…how you’re going to feel or react to a situation on any given day.

  • Energy:  manage your energy to give you more…not to drain your tank.
  • Assumptions:  check them and learn to make positive assumptions.
  • Start with Three Good Things:  we all have so much to be thankful for.  Take the time EACH day to recognize three good things in your day.  Big or little – no matter.  However, this simple little exercise will do big things in helping you switch your mindset from negative to positive!


So, in the spirit of recognizing three good things, last week Kirtland released its Fall 2012 President’s, Dean’s and part-time student academic honorees.  To qualify for the president’s list, candidates must be full-time students who earn a grade-point average between 3.8 and 4.0. Dean’s list candidates must have a grade-point average of 3.4 to 3.799.  Part-time students achieving high academic success are recognized as well.  The complete list of Fall 2012 honorees can be found at  Congrats students…and keep up the good work!

Kirtland Champ Kathy BarberKirtland Champ Kathy Barber

Kirtland Champ Kathy Barber

Completing our good things list this week is the recognition of the newest Kirtland Champion, Kathy Barber (Asst Director of HR), and the distribution of years of service pins to a wide list of other employees.  Chosen by peers, coworkers and administrative staff, Kathy is a great selection for this recognition based on her competence, knowledge of the job and institution, and incredible efficiency in all the things she does to help her coworkers on a daily basis.  In addition to recognizing our Kirtland Champion, 33 employees received years of service pins ranging from one to 20 years of service, and 17 part-time faculty members were recognized for semesters of service ranging from 2 to 40 semesters.  The complete list of years/semesters of service recipients includes:


1 year

Michelle Devine

Stefan Holodnick

Julie Lavender

Sarah Madonna

Sherri O’Neil

Lynne Ruden

Kathy Eagan

Johnny Elsner

Kelly Hutchinson

Dan McWilliams

Tom Pavelek

Katie Tisdale

5 Year

Tom Quinn

Caryn Schutte

Deb Shumaker

Marilyn Cole

Renae Jurgess

Ty McGregor

Bob Schneider

Chris Zuiker

10 Year

Vicki Borchers

Rick Daugherty

Gene Frazier

Beth Hubbard

Lisa Lashley

Alan Mabarak

Mark McCully

Pam Nuttall

Beth Petrik

Janice Willett

15 Year

Chuck Hinman

Karen Sessions

20 Year

Ilene Scherer


2 Semester

Mary Backlund

Nancy Bordine

Mike Fessler

Dennis Grenkowicz

Charlotte Jackson-Melvin

Sharon Panepucci

Ron Rackczy

Amy Wells


Jeremy Akin

Barbara Hunter


David Muladore


Dan Korman

Carmen Miller

William Murray

Carole Phillips


Maggie Tatum

Robin Winton

Kirtland is looking forward to a great Winter 2013 semester.  Don’t forget to get HAPPY, eat your PEAS, and remember THREE GOOD THINGS!

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Your future.  It’s closer than you think.  And it all begins @ Kirtland!