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Associate in Science Degree

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Adjust your focus

Not everyone has the brains for science. If you enjoy science and want to incorporate it into a career, you really should. You can have a successful career in science if you’re into it.

We make it convenient: Kirtland is one of the few colleges in the country that has completely online science courses, including online labs.

We make it affordable. If you don’t want to spend big money at a university, you’ll save thousands of dollars because Kirtland’s tuition rates are about one-third of most public four-year colleges and universities.

We make it special. The average class size at Kirtland is 17 students. You’ll get the individual attention you want, need and deserve.

Who does well in it?

People who are:

critical thinkers
able to see the big picture

What would you do?

Choose between Life Sciences or Physical Sciences and be ready for a job in:

forensic science

See your future

Kirtland’s Associate in Science degree is one of five associate transfer degree programs you can use as a foundation for a wide range of higher degrees.

The first two years of most bachelor’s degree programs are essentially the same no matter where you go: entry-level courses in math, science, English, social sciences and the humanities, as well as some higher-level courses in your field of interest.

Whether you think you might eventually earn a four-year degree or a Ph.D., consider starting at Kirtland. You’ll complete standard requirements in a relaxed, professional setting and earn a fully accredited associate’s degree that can stand alone or transfer seamlessly to just about any college or university in Michigan.

Where would you work?

in the medical field
with farming experts
forensic labs or crime scenes

Associate in Science Degree at Kirtland